Keynote Speaking

Whether you are looking for a 20-minute presentation or 90 minutes keynote lecture, my goal is to make sure it aligns with your targeted outcome and to make it impactful for all participants. I start with content to motivate, inspire and engage the audience and work towards a call to action with the goal to leave the audience with a greater beliefs in themselves and a desire to implement specific action following the presentation or lecture.   SPEAKER TOPICS INCLUDE:

  • Step into action
  • Awareness: the first step to changing habits
  • The power of goal setting
  • Planning for Results
  • All roads to success start with you
  • Time: Your Most Precious Resource
  • Your WHY; your key to great results
  • Change or be left behind

For more information or to discuss requirement for your event, contact me at: info@fromwhat2why.   Lunch and learn If you would like to learn more about any of our Services and programs but are unsure which one best fits your specific needs or which format to implement it into your business, we offer a free Lunch & Learn opportunity.  These can be done locally in person or on the phone for out of town clients. If you would like to inquire or schedule a Lunch & Learn, contact me at: info@fromwhat2why

Certified John Maxwell Coach, Leadership Teacher and Speaker

Empowering Mentoring